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Marion Erskine

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First Afrikaans Chick-Lit book by a Male.

I’m happy to announce that my new baby is on shelves all over South Africa right now. “Donatello en Volksie” is the first chick-lit book ever written in Afrikaans by a male.
Did I get it right? Can a man actually achieve this? Read and find out.

The Afrikaans is easy to read and if it’s your 2nd language, you shouldn’t have a problem at all. It’s a hilarious feel-good book.

Here’s the synopsis:
Donatello and Volksie meet in an online chat room and soon things start to heat up. But what they don’t realise is that they’re complete opposites: Donatello is in real life Anton, an advocate who colour code his wardrobe and don’t own a single T-shirt! And Volksie, or Zoë, works in a Chinese shop that sells herbal medicine, gives yoga to pregnant women and still drives a Vespa. But cyber love is blooming and soon they arrange to meet.
Meeting in real life will have both catastrophic and very funny consequences.

Check out the book trailer:

We’re looking for the top 100 books in Afrikaans!

Last year ‘Boekemaranka‘ started compiling their first list of top 100 Afrikaans books. Some frowned upon this, others voted eagerly, but soon a dream turned into a reality, as people were actually looking at the list and reading many of the books on it. Well, they’re doing it again. And now you can also vote for your favourite book. » read more


Na meer as twee dekades van droom, voel ek uiteindelik dié Europese stad se sand onder my voete kraak vir die eerste keer. Ek staan in Rome.

Reeds op die vliegtuig hoor mens hoe die taal verander in passievolle woorde gevul met vokaal-klanke. Jy merk op hoe mense se gelaatstrekke verander het van ‘n paar minute gelede waar jy in Holland rondgeloop het. Sodra jy jou voete neersit in Rome, voel jy die geskiedenis om jou. Moltreine spoed aanhoudend onder strukture wat reeds fondasies gewortel het jare voor Christus. » read more

Ghosts are amoung us…

I was driving on my 150cc scooter to work this morning when a coughing bird came out of nowhere and almost hit me off my bike. It with all of the other animals and 23 million souls living on this island (just as large as Gauteng), couldn’t see where it was going due to the clouds of pollution that hung in the air.

Yes, it’s Ghost Month in the Far East.
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Trailer van OOS

YouTube Preview Image


BOOK TRAILER: Dit is die bittersoet verhaal oor die ervaringe van ‘n groep Suid-Afrikaners wat tydelik in Taiwan werk. Dit is ‘n eksotiese verhaal, nie net as gevolg van die ruimte waarin dit afspeel nie, maar ook op grond van die ekstreme van uitbundige sentiment en die donker ondertone daarvan — dit is ‘n oorvloedige ruiker van kleur en intrige.
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I smell a Rat!!

Well, it doesn’t matter what you believe in or whether you give a darn about the stars, the Chinese plan and live their lives around their yearly animal. On Feb 6th, we’ll be entering the YEAR OF THE RAT. The past PIG year was a hard one on many of us, but it did have a lot of highlights. Luckily for me, my highlights were much more. Don’t think that the Rat is considered a nasty animal such as it is perceived in the West. Oh no. The Chinese value this little cunning rodent and it’s also the first animal in their 12 animal zodiac. » read more

These days when South Africa saddens me…

I’m really one of the biggest ambassadors that South Africa will ever know. I’ve proudly promoted our country in my travels and I teach the world of what an amazing people we are. It’s been so long since I last mentioned anything about the troubles and crime there, because you immediately get labeled a “traitor”. So, I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut. This is why I read about the pain and suffering of my people and I burn a candle for them every now and then from my safe apartment in Taiwan. We are spoiled here. » read more

Welcome to Marion Erskine’s Blog

Marion ErskineTo blog or not to blog…

Where do you get the time to blog? This is a question that many ask me. But somewhere, deep in my inner being, I hope that one or two people might actually find some use for what I’m talking about.

After publishing my first book in Taiwan in 2007, called AFRO-DIZZY-ACT: A potent adventure of a foreigner in Taiwan, I soon realized that some people do want to know more. They need some questions answered and some additional info given. This is why I took up blogging. It’s a hell of a lot nicer than spinning in the gym.

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